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Thank you for your purchase!

You're about to discover how to spend less, and experience more, while traveling in Europe!

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Kris Kemp and Raegan Test, at an outdoor cafe in Traben-Trarbach, Germany, a charming "wine" town that is situated along the Moselle River.

Some questions you may have

1.  What happens after I buy the ebooks?
After you complete your purchase, you get access to "How to Travel Europe Cheap" and "How to Travel Europe Cheap (The Action Plan)".  The ebooks are PDF (Portable Document Files). You are welcome to download them.

2. Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes. This comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, this product does not meet your expectations, email: and request a refund.

3. Is this safe?
Yes.  This is a safe, secure payment system that uses PayPal as the payment provider, and SendOwl as the fulfillment service.  Your credit card information is safe and will not be stored.

4.  How can I contact you?

5.  Is there free shipping?
Yes.  As this is a digital product, there is free shipping.

6. Who are you?
My name is Michael Kristopher Kemp. I go by the name Kris Kemp. I'm a writer, musician, photographer, traveler, and creative entrepreneur.

7.  How did this ebook come about?
After returning from a trip traveling in Europe, I put together the notes for what would become "How to Travel Europe Cheap," as a way to share this information with others.  Using the strategies shared inside "How to Travel Europe Cheap" and "How to Travel Europe Cheap (The Action Plan)", you can spend less, and experience more, all while experiencing unique stays in Europe.

8.  Will I have to sleep in a tent?
No.  If you want to sleep in a tent, you can probably find a situation that offers this as an option.

Typically, with these budget travel strategies, you get a a nice room to stay in, or a shared room.  

During our travels, in France, Raegan and I had a room in a second-floor room of a 2-story, 500-year-old building that had, probably, about 15 rooms. We stayed there for 33 days. The room had high ceilings, a huge window facing the east, and we had our own private kitchen downstairs. Plus, we got food for free.  You might find places to stay that are similar to this when you order my ebook and put these strategies to use.

9.  There's a lot of books that promise how to travel Europe cheap. What makes yours different?
Because we did it. We traveled to Europe for 4 months, spending only a few bucks a day. We were in France for three months and Germany for one month.

As a writer and photographer and someone who enjoys sharing experiences with others, I felt compelled to put together this ebook, which I did after returning from our trip, to let others know that they can travel like we did--probably almost anywhere in the world--for about $5 dollars a day. After experiencing the beauty of Europe, it's the least I can do to let others know that they can experience this beauty as well.

10.  Does your ebook have a money-back guarantee?
Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with the ebook, you can email me ( to request a refund. This ebook is only $37 dollars, and it's worth at least a hundred dollars because you'll learn how to save hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on your next trip to Europe or almost any other part of the world.

11.  Something to think about
Congratulations on your purchase!  These moneysaving travel strategies may present opportunities and amazing experiences that far exceed the measly $37 dollar price. By purchasing these ebooks, you are making an investment in the possibilities, adventure, opportunities, and experiences that come with travel.  

The Chateau 'il Marie, Picauville, France.  During our travels, we stayed at nearby Manor House, that was approximately some 15 rooms, with a massive, walkable attic space.  Our duties included weeding, polishing silverware, and light housekeeping.  In exchange, we were given room and board and access to use a Volkswagen Sirroco to go into town.  This was an amazing experience. 

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